Monday, March 22, 2010

It's been a while

I haven't posted in a long time because...
I've been lazy
I'd lost hope that Obama was really going to bring change
I was discouraged by some peoples idiocy
& I've been lazy

Well at least I'm not making excuses.

For those who give a dam, Health Care Reform (HRC) passed yesterday late into the afternoon of Sunday. I watched, hoped, and when the vote came up I prayed to God that it would pass while at the same time thinking " I bet there are some idiots praying for this bill not to pass." I watched as the ticker slowly inched it's way up to 216 cursing at how dramatically slow it was going. Then when that magic number was reached waves of relief and happiness washed over me; in fact I haven't been that happy since Obama was elected.

As I said before I had lost hope that Obama was going to deliver on his promise of change but last night restocked the fires of hope in my burning hart. Now that Obama has passed HCR I look forward to the future and see green jobs, green energy, banking & business regulation, and most importantly I see a better future for America.

Unfortunately I also know that the republicans and their elitist puppeteers will fight just as hard if not harder to keep the little man in his place. Propagandists like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck will continue to rile up the uneducated and misinformed to fight against their own best interests. Lastly these poor uneducated and misinformed people will continue to call Obama names like socialist, dictator, lier, and nigger all the while Obama does his best to help them.

What a crazy world we live in, Oh and did I forget to mention the millions of other people out there who don't care enough to even have an opinion, wait I just did.

Anyway Congratulations America and thank you Obama for showing me that the good guys can win every once in a while.

Monday, June 1, 2009

If I were president.

Today I got to thinking about what I would do if I were president and I had some very good ideas I'd like to share. It's obvious that Obama has allot on his plate, he's a man that I do not envy, he has promised allot and expected to do more. I still think that he can pull it off if he goes about things in the right way, but is he doing it the right way?So far I say yes, he's doing what he has to and he's a hell of allot better than McCain would have been. Although I think there are a few things that could be done different to get the ball rolling faster.

For one, tackle the easier job problems first buy making friends with corporations (the true power behind America) and striking a deal to bring jobs back into America. Many companies have sent millions of jobs to China, India, Mexico, and other third world countries to cut costs, we need to force them to bring at least enough of these jobs back so that we have a health economy again. How to do this I leave up to your imaginations but I have my own ideas on how I would do this.

Second I would take care of the illegal immigration problem, this is a controversial and often misinterpreted issue that presents an easily solvable solutions. First I would come down on illegal immigration while at the same time changing immigration laws to help the severely impoverished. Buy this time more jobs would be in America because of the deal struck with the corporations and they would be able to get good jobs. Most likely these immigrants would want to send money back to there family in there poor country to help them. These immigrants will be given the option to give that money to a organization that will pool this money together with other people from that area. This money will be used to give them clean water, proper waste management, and such while at the same time creating jobs. This will be an ongoing effort to help immigrants from poor countries and their families back home.

At this point things would be better in America and I could begin to focus my efforts on the main problem: oil! This would be kicked off by lots and lots of preparations to insure that all the domino's were in place so that everything goes as planned. Afterword I would do everything in my power to piss-off Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, this would result in them withholding oil and maybe even a terrorist attack, (witch they would deny all involvement with most likely). As president I would have the power to declare a state of emergency and have good reason to do so since we depend on oil so much. Oil will be rationed, public transportation will be the norm, ultra efficient cars will be made, and Algae Bio Fuel will be heavily funded. This plan is intended to force the us into action, instead of letting politics as usual prolong and mess everything up.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Those Lowsy SOBs!

Here's a warning to take not of, if someone offers you a job to raise money for a non-profit be sure to do some research on them.

For the longest time I was excited about this job because not only could I make money, I could work towards my passion, but before I even begin to work for them they fire me! Then I do some research on the net and find that I'm not the only one they've done this to, they've done this to hundreds if not thousands of people and have been doing it for years. What can I do about this? Nothing really but it did give me an idea to start raising money to fund my work towards fighting corrupt oil companies and the like.

For a few months now I've been working with this guy on this Quixtar thing, that uses something called network marketing. At first I thought it was pyramid scam and I know it isn't now because there obligated to pay you what they say they'll pay you. Problem is that you have to sell things to make money and if you suck at sales then your not going to make any money, in fact if your stupid you'll lose money. I've been doing this for a few months now and haven't made and cash but I haven't "invested" anything ether, I have learned allot though. So far I haven't had the balls to be a good sales man, nor the drive but that will change soon.

I plan on using the Quixtar system as a vehicle to generate the income I need to carry out my life's gaol and do nothing else. I'll start buy selling enough products to amount to a sustainable $1000 a month, from there I'll invest in making the 60 MPH bike that I want. If and when I get that far I can start selling these bikes once again combining a source of income with my ultimate gaol. From there more options will be open to me and I already have a long list of things I wish to accomplish, the majority involving political activism. For the first time in a long while I see a bright light on the horizon, wish me luck.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Green Communities: Part 2

As I promised in my last post, I'll continue to talk about how you can save money without having to give up the things that make life comfy.

For starters it's all about combining the simplicity of old with the amazing technology of the future. I'm certain you've herd of solar panels and wind turbines, but have you herd of building houses out of mud and straw? I'm not talking about anything like the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, I'm talking about cod, adobe, and other sustainable building materials.

This is basically the same stuff people have been using to build shelter before the industrial revolution and still use in third world countries today. I was talking to a friend of mine who was in Iraq and he said that the houses over there were made using cod and from what he said it was not only cheap but better than the cement houses that the army built while over there. My thinking is that if poor people in the third world can build these houses why can't we, with our technology and resources we could do a hell of a better job. The money that's saved could be used for solar panels, bio-gas digesters, and other money/earth saving technologies; imagine not only having to pay a ridiculous home loan, or electricity bill, or heating bill.

Unfortunately while talking to another friend who's a loan consultant he said that you can't get a loan for these types of houses, because it's hard to resell them. This is a bunch of bull, the reason that you can't get a loan is because the elitists know that they would loose money if everyone did this. Well fuck-em, I'll do it anyway! It's my money and I'll keep it thank you very much.

Soon I'll be working to gather together like minded people to work on a project like I described above, a green community if you will. Everyday I learn more, and get that much closer to my goal, I'm certain by the end of this year major change will happen.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Green Communities Part: 1

I've been living out of my tent for a while now and while it isn't the best situation living in a tent does have it's advantages.

  1. Live in a tent Pay No Rent: Depending on your situation you can pay anywhere from $80 a month (living with your parents) to $2000 a month (paying off a house.) Most people my age pay between $300 for a small apartment going three ways with room-mates or $900 for a fancy apartment all to themselves. When I had my place I was paying $550 about the average of those last two numbers.

  2. Freedom: I do have to give up a few modern conveniences but I'm resourceful and quite frankly I love roughing it. I can go wherever I want whenever I want because I don't have to worry about bills.

  3. Conservation: I use no electricity, no heating and my "house" is of simple construction all costing little to no resources. I hear so many people talking about buying carbon offsets but I offset just by turning in the recycling I collect for money.

Although these things are nice for most these benefits don't out way the disadvantages of a conventional home, honestly I agree. Not because living in a tent is so bad but because all the benefits above can be had while at the same time living in a comfy cozy house.

Before I get into the details, I'm going to rant a little bit about the way that we the people are getting ripped off. Many people I know live from pay check to pay check, not because they spend carelessly but because they have to pay so many bills. For the most part the story goes like this: I had a good job and I was living a good life all within my means, then the economy went sower. On the other hand my younger friends are forced to live with there parents again because they don't have enough money to support themselves. For the most part these are the lucky people because they still have homes and jobs, many others lost that.

Why is it that if you want to live a comfortable normal life you have to pay 90% of your pay check towards bills? If I wanted right now I could walk into the deep woods and set up a comfortable life with all of modern liefs conveniences with little to no cost. Honestly I would need a good amount of time and some resources I could only get from a city but none the less I'm certain 5 years after the fact I would not pay a dime to live. The only reason I don't do this is because I want to explore the world and make the world a better place and I can't do this if I hold myself up in the woods.

I empathize with the people who are caught up in to many obligations or to negative to change their lifestyle for the better. I've met so many people just like this, willing to change, wanting to change but unable to because of circumstances and attitude. If just 1/10th of the population were to change their lifestyle for the better by investing in green technologies everyone would be better off. So I guess this is my goal and I hope that whoever reads this decides to make this their gaol to.

I've ranted enough for now, I hope I've enlightened some people, I'll reveille the secrets of living cheaply and comfortably in my next blog post.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bicycels better than cars: part two

My current mindset is that I will live my entire life without ever owning a gas or diesel operated vehicle. This is simply because I know that with a little time, effort, and cash I can own a bicycle that will get me 60, 80, or maybe even 100 mph. I know that 80 mph is possible because that is the current record in place for a human powered bike. Click the link above, check out the site and brows around a bit; you'll be surprised, I know I was. With a little searching I found some funny concepts like a bike powered washing machine or bike powered couch, put also some amazing ones: bike powered blimps, planes, and chargers.

With a combination of pedal power, engineering, solar power, aerodynamics, and good old fashion human perseverance, I know anything is possible. As consumers we have the power to influence the actions of the elite through our cash. As long as we continue to buy cars and consume coupes amounts of fossil fuels the corporate and government elite will continue to supply our hunger in exchange for money. They could care less if this trend is unsustainable, or if it does more harm than good because as long as they are wealthy it's not their problem. But if enough people come together and speak the language that they understand, that is the language of money, we can change the status Que.

For years the oil companies have been lying to people and exploiting them and because of this we all are suffering. The current economic crisis would be none existent if not for the disingenuous actions of big oil. They are literaly profiting off of our blood, sweat, and tears not to mention billions of crushed dreams. I hope people realize exactly how important this is because as long as people choose to remain ignorant, choose to do nothing, and follow instead of lead we are doomed.

So we've got to ask ourselves: what does the future hold for me?

If you continue down the same path you are on today where will you be 5, 10, or 15 years from now? Will you be happy? Will your dreams be fulfilled? Or will you continue to be unhappy and economically depressed? As you ask yourself these questions take a look at your car, or that car you were thinking about getting. It may be fun and convenient for a while but how much do you have to actually give up for that car. Gas money, car payments, insurance, maintenance, hundreds of dollars out of your pocket monthly and thousands yearly. Furthermore what about the unseen consequences? The pollution, the support of a corrupt and broken system, the failed diplomatic relations between increasingly hostile countries and the list goes on.

All and all I take pride in what I'm doing because for once I have a chance to spit in the eye of those who would oppress me, and that I think is the most kick ass thing of all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bicycles better than cars

I was thinking the other day and something came to me: Could bicycles replace cars on the road? The answer would most likely be no but believe it or not the technology exists that can get a bike to 60 MPH and above. Before I get into describing what exactly these technologies are lets take a look at the benefits of a bike that powerful.

1. Money, Money, Money: Bikes can cost anywhere from between $50 to a couple grand and even the most expensive are still allot cheaper than a car. Furthermore you never have to fill a bike with gas or pay to insure it the only thing you would pay for would be food to fuel yourself, which brings me to number two...

2. Fitness: I previously blogged about how overweight America is, what better why to loose that weight than riding a bike instead of sitting your fat ass in a car. I can feel the burn already.

3. No Gas, No Oil, No Evil: If you didn't know already I'm all about saying no to oil. Oil pollutes in so many more ways than just greenhouse gasses, take oil spills for example. Oil breeds corruption, don't believe me Oil On The Brain is a great book that I've been reading lately that opened my eyes. We send Billions of dollars over to The Middle East yearly, this is stupid for two reasons. One: we could be keeping that money in the U.S. think of how that money could create jobs and strengthen the economy, not to mention the impact on the deficit. Two: Terrorism, we are supposed to be fighting terrorism but what the hell are we doing sending billions over to countries that support our enemies? I could go on about oil but this post is about bikes so I'll stop with the ranting and raving here.

4. Coolness: You Can Get 60 MPH or more on a bike! Tell me that's not cool.

5. Traffic: It's 5'o'clock and you just got off work there's a party you promised you would go to but traffic is at a stand still, bumper to bumper packed. 15 minuets latter you've moved 3 feet, the guy behind you wont let off of his horn and your fantasizing out and kicking him in the face. Another 15 minuets and your about to call and send your regards because you can't make it to the party suddenly you see a blur wiz by you on the shoulder, it was the 60 MPH bike, the one you laughed at and decided to buy a nice car instead. You shoot the bird to that blur that's now way out of sight secretly wishing that you would have bought that bike and start fantasizing about kicking in your car salesman's face.

This blog has gotten pretty wordy so I’ll end it for now and pick up with describing the technology in my next post. If you can think of any other benefits of owning a 60 MPH bike tell me. For example: this bike would be great for outrunning zombies, it’s silent, maneuverable, and you don’t have to stop to refuel. I would have put that in the list but I doubt that the average person is as concerned about zombies as I am.